My name is Patrizia and I’m a phone addict.

Hi there, my name is Patrizia and this is my first post on my blog Digital Marketing for Dummies. I enrolled in a unit at university this semester called Digital Marketing in hopes of learning more about today’s ”online generation” and how marketers are utilising technology to sell products to people. You may have then guessed that I personally do not think I know too much about Digital Marketing  hence the title of this blog, but I do know that the digital world has become integrated into society’s way of life.

When I think about digital marketing, I think of my iPhone and what I do online everyday. I check my facebook and instagram accounts constantly, I shop online for clothes and I text my friends and family. To put it simply, my phone and thus the digital world, is what I use to communicate with others and how I express myself.

Today, technology for most people is their biggest obsession and addiction. I think of my life before my iPhone and wonder “What did I do before this?” so I’ll admit that I do have an addiction to my phone. But despite admitting it, I don’t really care all too much about this addiction. I’ve accepted it and learnt to deal with it but maybe it’s time that I change that. So how is it that I am a bit of a dummie when it comes to digital marketing yet I am addicted to the thing that allows me to explore the online world? I want to learn more about what I am addicted to and how businesses invested into the digital world are using it to market their brands and products.

So let me think about my favourite app, instagram and how markters can use for their benefit. Well thanks to insta I am constantly discovering new brands, cafes and restaurants that I want to try or visit. My bestfriend and I will often screenshot photos of food and googlemap the cafe or restaurant it was taken at and put it in our list of places to visit. This must be something that businesses have taken advantage of thanks to the digital world because I am seeing more and more food places (in particular) utilsing social media to attract customers.

What has started as an app for photos on ones surroundings has turned into a smart marketing tool for some. After all a picture says a thousand words. If I see a girl wearing a dress styled well on Instagram I am more likely to click on that brands page and go through their clothes than if I see an ad on tv for the same brand. The way I see it the photo is right there and all the information about what’s in the photo is accesible to me in seconds. Details of the dress like what brand it is and how much it costs are usually provided in the description of the photo.

When I really think about society’s needs and wants I begin to realise just how impatient we all are. A lot of what I do online is done quickly and easily. I can’t remember the last time I shopped at a sore because it is easier to buy online and in some cases cheaper. For example, I recently went to surf dive and ski at Chadstone and found a jacket and jumper I loved. The jacket was $130 and the jumper was $70 and I nearly bought them but I held off, telling myself “check online first”. I am so grateful I held off because I found both items on sale and ended up purchasing them both for $106, rather than the $200 I would have been charged in store!

So I think what I am trying to say here is that marketers have taken note of this and are deliberatley making products cheaper and more accessible online. I mean, no wonder the digital world is successfully sucking in individuals such as myself. Oh look! I just received an email about a 75% sale on surfstich! I may as well have a quick look… Oh wait. Oops.

I’m such a dummie!

Till next time digital world..


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