How the sun sees you

You may not be aware but on the 12th of August a video titled “How the sun sees you” was uploaded onto Youtube by artist Thomas Leveritt. If you haven’t go watch the video here:

Leveritt set up a special UV motion camera in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park in order to film random passersby.

The video explains how ultraviolet rays have the ability to expose not yet visible changes to our skin. When people looked at the monitor above the camera they were able to see the difference between how they look in everyday light in comparison to how they look in ultraviolet light aka “how the sun sees you”. Most people were surprised at the results, with the ultraviolet rays picking up freckles and other skin blemishes.

The video then goes on to compare people with good skin and those with bad skin and how most of us are born with good skin but age and maintenance can affect our skin over time.

How-the-sun-sees-you                thomas-leveritt-how-the-sun-sees-you-designboom-51

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Leverrit then highlights how glasses repel ultraviolet rays and that is why when someone wears them they appear black on the monitor. He then supplies the passersby with suncreen informing them that suncreen too acts as a repellent against the ultraviolet rays. As I watched the video, I became amazed at the transformations and the reactions of the individuals on the screen who were shocked to see just how much sunscreen actually protects our skin. But this is something that I have always known so how come this video made me think of sunscreen differently?

Like most Australians, I am no stranger to the “slip, slop, slap” campaigns encouraging people to wear sunscreen. But when I saw this particular video I was a lot more surprised by the effects of the ultraviolet rays. And it didn’t necessarily scare me like some of the ads for skin cancer on television, but it showed me that sunscreen is not just important in summer but it is important to wear daily.

I don’t think that Leverrit has his own sunscreen brand that he is trying to promote but I think he has successfully managed to spread the word that sunscreen can help protect your skin and help you “stay beautiful”.

The video currently has just over 13 million views and it hasn’t even been online for a month yet! So I definitely think he has reached a lot of people and got the attention of the digital world.

Youtube really ceases to amaze me with its ability to share and spread a message worldwide and I think that Leverrrit has used that to his advantage. Uploading this video has exposed his message and his work to the world so he has used it as a marketing tool  for sure!

What’s more, Leverrit tweeted a mere 12 hours ago that a second ultraviolet video will be posted soon so I am eager to watch that and possibily discuss it in my next blog!

I hope this makes you think twice about applying sunscreen and if not, I hope you atleast got a good read and watch out of it! Thanks for reading 🙂

Till next time digital world…

xoxo this digital dummie


4 thoughts on “How the sun sees you

  1. I think what made this video works is because there’s an actual “proof” of how sunscreen actually protect our skin. We have always known that, but we don’t actually know the extent and the difference it makes of using or not using sunscreen. Also the point of the video of “this is how you will look like if you don’t use sunscreen and when you do” is kind of similar to how toothpaste commercials work with “this is how your teeth look like without using our brand toothpaste”. But I think because this ways has never done for sunscreen before it creates greater impact.
    I’m actually surprise that this video is done by a person and not by non-profit organisation (e.g. skin cancer organisation) or a sunscreen brand. I’m kind of wondering whether people will actually use sunscreen more after seeing this video or not, or whether sunscreen sales will increase.


  2. Great blog post, i think what made this video so powerful is becase it portays a simple message that we have always heard but a lot of us never really listen to. I think it definitely gets the message across..Well its made me want to put more sunscreen on thats for sure!


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