The Kim Kardashian Game. Is it an innocent app or a digital marketing scheme?

Kim Kardashian has become one of the world’s most famous celebrities whether we like it or not. Known firstly for her sex tape, she has since then built an empire of businesses with her sisters Khloe and Kourtney in which they run their clothing company DASH across LA, Miami and New York. The family received a lot of attention once their show “Keeping up with the Kardashians” was created and aired in America. As a result all members of the family have become incredibly famous and successful with each of them creating their own clothing lines and brands. Kendall Jenner, Kims half sister has recently become a high end fashion model who can be seen in all the fashion shows in London, New York etc.
So it is safe to say that the Kardashians and Jenner’s have set themselves up for life and have successfully made money out of any business they have invested in. And just when we thought they had gone down every business path possible, Kim teamed up with Glu Mobile and launched a mobile app on June 25th,

That’s right. She’s released a game people!! You can now play a game in which you’re bestfriends with Kim Kardashian and she helps you become one of the top celebrity a listers. You get to pick your characters outfits, buy apartments all over the world and attend event after event as you bigger more and more famous.

Now, I’ll admit it. I’m addicted to this game but there’s no denying that the game itself is bad. You literally wait for your character to have enough energy and then when you use that energy up you need to wait for more to generate and 1 spark of energy takes 5 minutes to generate unless you purchase more energy with your real money. See where I’m heading? This woman is a business genius. 

With all the outfits on offer and the accessories or hair styles you want, there’s always a hefty price and unless you are incredibly patient, it’s very hard to get the great outfits(they’re actually outfits Kim has worn and been photographed in recently) you need to pay. So before resorting to spending my own cash, I snooped around on the game and I came across “get free energy”, “get free cash”, “get free stars” and I got excited for about 5 seconds until I realized in order to get these freebies I would need to sign up to various things or download other apps and play them or watch videos about apps or products.

If this isn’t digital marketing then I don’t know what is.

This is a screenshot of some of the things I can trial/sign up to in oder to get my K stars on the game and although they don’t seem that bad the idea of signing up to “videostripe” or “filesfetcher” doesn’t exactly sit well with me.



The way I look at it is, I’d rather pay a few dollars than subscribe to a virus or some dodgy gimmick. I mean you’d hope they wouldn’t be dodgy because kids all over the world are playing this game but still I wouldn’t want to risk it and then get spammed or download a virus. But here lies the problem. Firstly isn’t it interesting that I feel like just waiting isn’t enough and that I need to do something else in order to do well in the game and secondly, am I not falling straight into the trap that digital marketers have created?

I’m also going to add the fact that in July it was reported that a month after the game had been launched it had already brought in $200 million dollars for Glu with $10 million resulting in expenses. What’s more, according to TMZ Kim Kardashian receives 45 percent of net profits…meaning that Kim Kardashian would then be receiving approximatley $85 million outright for this game!

Look at how Kim addresses the success of the app and parents who have complained that the game is tricking their children into paying for things without them being fully aware of the consequences.

In order to skip Kardashian gossip skip to 2:48

So what do you guys think? Is this family incredibly lucky or have they mastered the art of marketing themselves both online and off?


4 thoughts on “The Kim Kardashian Game. Is it an innocent app or a digital marketing scheme?

  1. I don’t know why but i just watched that whole video haha, honestly i was obsessed for a couple weeks as well i’m not gonna lie to you! The Kardashian’s have mastered marketing themselves and turning anything into money, and this was another way for Kim to diversify herself into a different market, it’s a smart move and from the figures it’s clearly paid off! I’d never spend any money on something like this but i can see how others have!


    • Haha don’t worry I’ve been playing since it came out and they are only making it bigger and better. Some of the new features mean you can get married and go to florence just like Kim did… which is pretty sad but I’m sure so many young girls are getting kicks out of it!

      I think it’s interesting that it’s unlikely that this game would ever cop so much slack that it would be removed either. Regardless of whether or not parents are losing hundreds of dollars because of the game I feel like it simply brings in too much money for both Kim and Glu Mobile and both parties will continue to reap the benefits of it until they can’t anymore!

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      • Haha that’s ridiculous! Yeah exactly right, even in the video she was saying how it comes down to watching what your kids are doing to make sure they don’t spend hundreds on it, it’ll be around for a while thats for sure!!


  2. The Kardashians are not only business moguls, but marketing geniuses! This was a very smart career move by Kim, and also for Glu, which has used this game to capitalise on her popularity and success. The download and subscriptions offered to progress in the game is a very effective strategy, although it may be perceived as deceptive by some consumers. This game shows how brands and mobile apps can use celebrities to their advantage and create a highly successful product that consumers will purchase (and possibly develop and addiction to!). Kim may be perceived as a reality star with no talent, but she is the smartest businesswoman I know, and will no doubt expand her empire in new and profitable ways!

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