Another app, another day!

Okay so I’m writing about another app today but I just can’t help it! Instagram, Facebook, Vine, Snapchat and the Kardashian game are my most favourite apps.. so why not write about them?

Since I’ve written about all the others, today’s turn to get some love is Snapchat! Snapchat was released in 2011 and was developed by three Stanford University Students known as Josh Meyers, Reggie Brown and Bobby Murphy.

The app allows users to send photos to others for no more than 10 seconds and videos for 15 seconds. This means that users have no limits on what they can and can’t send each other therefore the more outrageous the snap the better! And if anyone screenshots you it notifies you which is great!

In the last couple of months Snapchat has also released a feature known as “Snapstory” which allows people to post a photo or video  and upload it to their “story” for other people on their snapchat friends list to view. These photos/videos last for approximately 24 hours and have become increasingly popular despite the fact that anyone on your list can view it and view it multiple times. I think the reason this feature has become so popular is because it makes sending a snap so much easier. It can be such a pain having to go through your friends list and pick and choose who you want to send your photos too especially if you’re somewhere exciting like at a concert, club or.. well if you’re drunk! 😉

I personally never thought much of this feature until the past two weeks where I have started to use it more. Something I love about the feature too is that you can see who has viewed your snapstory which encourages me to update my story more because I am interested to see who is looking at it! Sometimes you get people that you don’t talk to anymore looking!

Another new feature on Snapchat is “Our Story” in which users from all around the world are able to contribute their “stories” to the snapchat community whilst they are at all sorts of events. The other day I watched a “live”stream snapchat of people BASE jumping in which people were jumping off high cliffs. There was also a lot of live streams whilst the New York fashion week was on in which users could watch the models backstage and all that the runaway involved before the show began.

I think these live streams are a smart and excellent way for Snapchat to not only build more of a “snapchat community” but to promote events and brands. I mean, I found out about the BASE jumping from my friend who posted a status on facebook about it which made me check snapchat and watch the video. Everyone knows that social media makes it unbelievably easy for word of mouth to spread so I think this was a really great way for snapchat to build interest around this new feature. Soon enough people will be talking more and more about the live streams and maybe marketers will be asking snapchat for their workers to come to their events so that they can snapchat about them!

Nice work Snapchat! Do you guys think this was a clever technique? Are there any streams that you’ve watched that you’re keen to try out now?


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