Apple, you’ve done it again!

Last month Apple successfully launched the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ and as to be expected, the digital world lost it’s mind.

But unfortunately there have been a few hiccups during the iPhone launch, for example the whole bending scenario with the iPhone 6+ and a recent software update that did not work and instead made a lot of phones useless to their users i.e their phones wouldn’t make calls or send and receive messages. So how did Apple overcome these complications?

Firstly, I think the whole concept of an iPhone 6 or 6+ bending is ridiculous. I’ve seen the videos. People are purposefully bending their phones. What did they think would happen? If you drop your phone you don’t expect it to not have a scratch on it.. so why do people think that it’s a huge problem of Apple’s if they are able to bend their phone when they are trying to! I know that people were saying they were sitting down and it was bending in their pockets but honestly, have you seen the size of the 6+? It’s huge! Thin and huge! Again, what do people expect? What’s more, I found out that according to Apple they had only received nine complaints about iPhone 6 Plus phones bending after testing 15,000 smartphones.

I read an article on the gaurdian in which the journalist was comparing the iPhone 6 resistance to weight to other phone models. For example, he wrote how the “5in HTC One M8 also bends under a 70Ibs weight, and its case separated at 90Ilb, while the iPhone resisted to 100Ilb”, indicating that iPhone 6 is still quite strong.

The second issue for Apple to face was the software update malfunction. Now this was quite serious as it put a lot of people out and I’m sure they would have received a fair few complaints. But I have to say they were onto it pretty quickly! That morning when I got the update on my phone I tried to install it twice but it wouldn’t work. I then gave up and went downstairs to watch tv to see the reports of the new update affecting so many people whom had downloaded it. So I think that Apple did the best they could by ensuring that people couldn’t install the update whilst they fixed it for those that had been hit by it’s bugs.

What I also found quite interesting since I have gotten the new iPhone 6 is the new “tips” feature. I think that this is something available to anyone that updates to iOS 8.1 as it is a little operating system that explains the new features on your phone. My new favourite feature, is when you are in an app and you receive a message you can tap on the little ribbon and instead of taking you out of the app it will give you writing space to respond to that person! This is soo incredibly useful!

I think overall Apple has managed to show us yet again why it is the leading giant in technology and marketing. The problems that surfaced were overcome quite quickly and when the new update was working they provided users with a guide on how to get better use out of their Phone! An iPhone is afterall a complex and expensive smartphone, so if you have one may as well use it to its full potential! Apple, you’ve done it again!


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