Order NOW : Boost’s new app that will mean you never have to wait in a line again!

 I think it’s safe to say that fresh juices and healthy smoothies have become increasingly popular in the past 10 years. In Australia, Boost Juice was one of the first businesses to successfully market healthy drinks. The creator Janine Ellis thought of the idea when her children were very young. She said that that would often look for a healthy alternative to give her children to all major junk fast foods like McDOnalds, and could never find one.. So then she came up with the idea of Boost Juice!
Since then Boost has become increasingly popular and what was one little store in Adellaide is now a major franchise with 300 stores in 10 countries!
I think that Boost has remained popular because it has kepy up to date with today’s latest trends and consumers interests. For example, they have recently released green juices and green smoothies(smoothies without yoghurt, making them healthier) that contain super foods like spinach and kale which a lot of health conscious individuals are in love with.
[the new range of “lean and green” drinks]
Furthermore, since Boost was originally aimed at young children, they have marketing to children down pat. They currently sell kids collectible cups which have different animals on them I.e lions, pandas and giraffes and can be used and reused by little kids in comparison to the regular paper kids cups.
But now they have introduced something else that will surely “boost” their sales. See what I did there? 😉
Boost has recently introduced their own app! On the app users can link their loyalty cards up to their accounts (so they don’t need to carry the card around anymore, they can just swipe their phone in store), they can redeem coupons – like $2 off an original boost and they can order their drink online. This last feature is what I think will attract even more customers to Boost.
“Order now” is basically a way for customers to pay for their drink online and simply come pick it up from the store where it has already been made. This means no waiting in a large queue or waiting for your drink to be made! Think about how convienant this will be for summer!
As I work in a shopping centre, I know that on my break it can be hard to get some food/a snack in the limited amount of time you get so I definetely think having this feature will bring in a lot more customers. Nowadays people are generally inpatient anyway so being able to avoid waiting around for a drink to be made is something that I think will appeal to most people.
This app is also good because it allows Boost to communicate with their customers without annoying or pestering them. I have found from experience that a lot of stores or online stores will ask for my email address so that they can update me on the latest sales or discounts which is great.. but when I actually receive these emails I often delete them very quickly without opening the message especially if it’s for a company that very rarely does sales and is just telling me about their latest products. While with Boost they offer quite a lot of incentives for their customers, for example this morning I got a notification from the app about getting a $1 Boost thanks to the new “Order Now” function!
Overall I find the app to be easy to use and very helpful if there are any questions that I have about any of the promotions or features that are currently in place. I’m interested to see what else Boost may come with that could improve their relationship with their customers using this app and other digital marketing techniques!

2 thoughts on “Order NOW : Boost’s new app that will mean you never have to wait in a line again!

  1. Firstly! Love the pun you made! haha
    I think that Janine Ellis is a very admirable and clever business woman…
    I agree with you in saying that on a lunch break with limited time it is difficult to buy food and drinks when there are lines…
    I think that the Boost app is perfect for the lunchtime rush and will be very successful.
    Apps like this are the way of the future and I am excited to see what other companies will come up with next!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha thankyou! Sometimes I can make a funny!

      Yeah I think a lot of people lately are so impatient and just want things “NOW” that anything that can be successfuly implemented and will speed up the process for consumers will work well and recieve a lot of praise for Boost customers!


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